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・Sonny Kamahele Jr. CD Jacket Illustration (Hawaii 1996)

・Al Hogue & Hilo Kume Art Event in Tokyo (Japan, July 1999)

・Big Island Free Paper (Big Island Japanese Edition)Cover Illustration (Big Island, 2000 Spring & Summer Edition)

・Hilo Kume private exhibition at the Tokyo Galleria Arch (Japan, October 2000)

・Island Heritage Greeting Cards (5 designs) (Hawaii, November 2000)

・Pacific Heaven Label Image Art, and CD Jacket (7 designs) (Japan, June 2001)

・Hilo Kume & Pegge Hopper: Together Art Event at the CWC, the Gallery (Tokyo) (Japan, July 13-August 11, 2001)

・Island Cooks Cover Illustration (Hawaii, October 2001)

・Island Heritage 2003 Hilo Kume Calendar (Hawaii, April 2002)

・Island Heritage 2004 Hilo Kume Calendar (Hawaii, April 2003)

・Pacific Heaven Label, 2003 Jacket Illustration (Japan, June 2003)

・Cpnt Sloan (Big Island) & Hilo Kume Art Event in Tokyo (Japan, July 2003)

・Hula Style Magazine Cover Illustration (Japan, 2003)

・Island Heritage 2005 Hilo Kume Calendar (Hawaii, April 2004)

・Picture Book ‘Noelani Story’ Illustration (Japan, November 2004)

・Island Heritage 2006 Hilo Kume Calendar (Hawaii, March 2005)

・Hilo Kume Design Aloha Shirt (Japan, April 2005)

・Hilo Kume Collaboration Goods At MMJ (Japan, April 2005)

・Moana Coffee Label Illustration (Hawaii, January 2006)

・Island Heritage 2007 Hilo Kume Calendar (Hawaii, March 2006)

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